5 Reasons to join EQFix


Take 1 minute to discover the main reasons to join us on The Equestrian Network!

EQFix for Professionals


See what EQFix could mean for your equestrian service!

Scheduling a training or hack does not have to be difficult


Learn how EQFix can help you to find the right timeslot for your next training or hack!



EQFix Introduction


Checkout the highlevel introduction to the key features of the EQFix horse app!

EQFix for Professionals 2


See what EQFix could mean for your equestrian service!

Track your training or hack


See how you can use the EQFix horse app to measure distance and speed of your training or hack.

Learn about the emergency call that is linked to this tracking!

Your first login


See how to complete your profile: change your profile picture, banner picture, complete your contact details and add an emergency contact person



Plan your first activity


See what activities on EQFix can do for you. Invite your friends or service providers and work together!



Share the management of your horse


See how to use our horse app to share the management of your horses with multiple users. See what everyone is doing and improve your teamwork!



Add your first horse


Checkout how easily you can add a horse to the EQFix horse app. Learn how you can have a feeding schedule calculated by Cavalor!

Connect to friends


Enjoy EQFix together with your friends. Follow them, plan in activities together and share your passion!


Get 5 friends to join the EQFix horse app and get 1 month of EQFix Silver for free



44 countries

5000+ users

1300+ service providers

3 languages



Email: info@eqfix.eu

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